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Mortal Kombat 9 – Patch Changes

Been wanting to get back into MK9. Last week NetherRealms released a patch with a ton of changes. This is easily the largest patch the game has gotten and also the most significant. Kung Lao has been nerfed a bit and Noob has been fixed a bit!

V 0.144S-234-77c814ec (Xbox 360) / V ????-??? (PS3) [update version 1.??] *released 09/23/2011

General Gameplay Fixes/Tweaks

• Fixed a couple of crash scenarios.
• DLC billboards should now behave correctly on Xbox
• You should no longer see online desyncs on Xbox that are related to alternate costumes or classic costume DLC packs.
• MOTD handling and displaying code was tweaked.
• Fixed a bug that could have resulted in tweakvars getting corrupted.
• Fixed a crash in player select if you tried to exit out while the dlc box was open.
• With the exception of Human Cyrax and Human Sektor, everyone’s alternate costumes should behave the same as their primary costumes and have the exact same move properties.
• You can now block after a dash forward is completed if it was cancelled into from a special move. Canceling out of a dash into another dash was normalized for most of the characters. Dash Block canceling remains the same.
• Wakeup attacks should have better invulnerability on them if done in the first 4 frames of the wakeup window. (this was added as a hotfix tweakable value)
• You no longer get a completely free throw attempt after someone blocks your jump punch. The opponent has less block hit frames but chained combos from a jump punch will remain the same.
• There were several reactions that could freeze players just before they landed from attacks and reactions such as Kano’s Airball and Cyrax’s Net air reaction.
• Made many minor hitbox adjustments.
• Tweaked the negative edge window.
• Several low attacks were being parried incorrectly.
• Nightwolf and Kenshi can no longer still absorb a projectile if they get hit out of their enhanced reflects before the recovery frames start.

• Baraka’s Blade Spin move starts up faster and is safer when blocked.
• Baraka’s Enhanced Blade Charge (Blade Rush) attack goes farther now.
• Baraka’s Chop Chop no longer auto corrects mid-move.
• Baraka’s has a new D1 low poke.

Cyber Subzero
• Cyber Subzero can no longer handcuff certain characters by catching a wakeup attack with his enhanced Ice Parry.

• Cyrax’s Buzzsaw is an overhead block and safer when blocked
• Cyrax’s Bombs will no longer pop someone up who is in a 2nd Net reaction or in a Buzzsaw reaction.
• Cyrax’s mk3 costume should behave the same as the primary costume now.

• Ermac can no longer leave an invisible fireball collision around.
• Fixed damage scaling a few of his reactions.

• All of Jade’s Enhanced Boomerangs (Reboomerang) will now return when the first hit is blocked.
• Jade’s Staff Grab is slightly safer when blocked.
• Jade’s U3 attack (Pole Vault) can be ducked.
• Jade’s 4,F3 kick (Polecat) is safer when blocked.

• The armor on Jax’s Enhanced Dash Punch (Dash Fist) and X-Ray (Briggs Bash) now starts instantly.
• Added armor to the startup of Jax’s Enhanced Elbow (Elite Smash).
• Jax’s projectiles (Energy Wave) recover a tiny bit faster.
• Jax’s towards 3 attack (Big Leg) is now an overhead.
• Jax can no longer frame trap someone with his Gotcha Grab.

Johnny Cage
• Johnny Cage’s F3,2 (Take Two) no longer true combos into 2in1’d special moves
• Johnny Cage’s Nut Punch does slightly less damage.
• Johnny Cage’s sweep kick has less advantage on block or hit.

• Kabal can no longer leave an invisible fireball collision around.
• Removed a couple unavoidable block traps with Kabal. (with F2 and 4)

• If you don’t charge and hold the Enhanced Kano Ball it will now keep its armor.
• Kano’s Enhanced Knife Toss recovers faster.


• Kitana’s Fan reactions on an airborne opponent damage scale correctly now.
• Kitana’s X-Ray (Fan-Tastic) can no longer be reflected.

Kung Lao
• Removed the pushback on Kunglao’s spin when blocked.
• Ground Hat now leaves both players at neutral when hit close and leaves Kung Lao at a disadvantage when blocked up close.
• Kung Lao’s overhead hat attack is slightly safer when blocked.

Liu Kang
• Lui Kang’s Parry now can correctly give a first hit bonus!

• Nightwolf’s reflect should work better as a wakeup attack.

• Noob’s Teleport Slam should connect better with some opponents.
• Noob should no longer be hit on the ground after he is up in the air for his teleport.
• Noob’s Shadow Charge hits overhead.

Quan Chi

• Fixed an isse where Quan Chi’s Skull Projectile (Skull Ball) could sometimes become invisible.
• Added some armor to the Quan Chi’s Enhanced Sky Drop (Sky Stomp).

• Raiden can no longer unavoidably frame trap someone with his Vicinity Blast.
• Raiden has 2 additional recovery frames on his normal Teleport.
• Raiden can’t be hit during his Enhanced Teleport (Sparkport).

• Reptile whiffed Elbow Dash now builds slightly less meter.
• Reptile is held slightly longer after knocking someone down with the Elbow Dash.
• A blocked Reptile Elbow Dash no longer pushes back.
• Reptile’s Enhanced Slide (Slime Trail) now has armor on it.
• Reptile can no longer leave an invisible Forceball collision around.

• Scorpion’s Leg Takedown is safer when blocked.
• Scorpion’s Enhanced Leg Takedown (Takeout) now has armor on it.

• Sektor can now 2in1 into the front and behind Up Missiles
• Sektor’s mk3 outfit should behave the same as the primary costume
• Sektor’s backjets will no longer get stuck firing, wasting precious fuel. (Yay!)
• Sektor’s X-Ray (Massive Missile) can no longer be reflected.

Shang Tsung
• The armor on Shang’s Enhanced Soul Steal now starts instantly
• Shang Tsung’s Enhanced Soul Steal (Soul Capture) activates faster.

• Sheeva’s Fireball is a mid block now and the Enhanced Fireball (Fire Blast) is an overhead.
• Sheeva’s Ground Pound can correctly give a first hit bonus!
• Sheeva’s Enhanced Jump Stomp (Jump Crush) now has armor on it.
• Sheeva’s Air Grab has better anti-air collision on it.

• Sindel can no longer leave behind an invisible fireball collision around.
• Sindel’s B1 attack is a low block.
• Sindel’s regular Scream is slightly faster nd the Enhanced Scream is a lot faster now.
• Sindel’s Scream (Yell) can no longer be parried.

• It’s no longer possible to handcuff opponents with Smoke’s Vibration (Shake) Parry.

• The armor on Sonya’s cartwheel (Krazy Legs) lasts until the first collision and Archkick’s (Arc Wave) armor lasts until her arch is almost over.
• Sonya’s 1,1,4 (Fierce Assault) no longer true combos into 2in1’d special moves from it.
• Sonya’s 3,1,4 (Beat Up) no longer true combos into 2in1’d special moves from it.

• Stryker’s Enhanced Baton (Baton Bash) Sweep’s 2nd hit is an overhead and is safer when blocked.
• Stryker’s Grenades recover slightly faster.
• Stryker’s Baton Roll starts up faster and the enhanced version has armor on it for a longer time.
• Stryker’s Enhanced Grenade Toss and Baton Sweep do slightly more damage.
• Stryker’s B1,2,2 (Beatdown) combo is safer when blocked.

Sub Zero
• Fixed some of the Ground Freeze reaction properties which were causing some other gameplay issues.
• Sub Zero’s Enhanced Slide (Power Slide) now has armor.
• The opponent is frozen for 10 additional frames to allow him to at least get a slide in for some trade cases were he could get nothing before.

Freddy Krueger
• Freddy’s Nightmare Stance can’t be repeated instantly anymore.
• Fixed a bug where Freddy could get stuck being immune to projectiles.
• Freddy forward and backward Teleports (Hell Shift) build slightly less meter.
• Some of Freddy reactions were not damage scaling correctly.
• Tweaked the recovery on some of Freddy specials.

• Kenshi’s X-Ray (Soul Blade) can no longer be reflected.
• Kenshi is freed up sooner now when he absorbs a projectile with his (Blade Absorb)
• Kenshi’s F2,2,B1 (Absentminded) reaction no longer lets opponents be hit just as they hit the ground.

• Skarlet has an additional 10 frames before she can cancel out of her normal dagger toss.
• Skarlet can no longer 2in1 cancel out of her Slide attack from her Red Dash.
• Skarlet’s back throw now does normal damage.
• Skarlet can do her U3 (Lifting Leg) attack from a dash now.






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  1. Adam

    Thanks for the information! I like that they are continuing to improve game play long after they released the game. Personally, I don’t know if any adjustments were necessary as I haven’t had the chance to play the MK9 yet. I had missed out on a lot of new releases. I gave up on buying new games. I couldn’t afford to pay $60 for a game that might or might not be total junk. Now that my TV provider/employer DISH Network offers the Blockbuster Movie Pass, I can finally get caught up on all of those missed games without spending too much or getting stuck with a bad game. While the Movie Pass includes unlimited streaming to my TV/computer as well as DVD and Blu-ray rentals, I get the most value out of the video games. That is all included for just $10 per month. That’s a huge savings over one game for $60 any time I want to play a new game!

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