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Devastation 2011 – Tekken 6 – Top 4

Stream archive is up for Devastation 2011. We were there and qualified for Top 4. Commentary by MarkMan and Rip/Aris/Rickstah. Tekken starts at 1 hour 30 in the first clip. If you just want to see me beat Rickstah in Air Hockey, click here. Also, GYT has statistics from the Top 4 here. Results after the jump:

1. Rip
2. Aris
3. Rickstah
4. Omega





6 responses to “Devastation 2011 – Tekken 6 – Top 4”

  1. AAK

    Damn Rip, were you trolling Aris by first playing him in Winner’s Finals with stick and then destroying him in Grand Finals with pad?

    That’s epic troll, or probably even masterful sandbagging LOL.

    Regardless, congrats on the Tourny win! Your consistency in dominating American tournaments is insane.

    1. Rip

      Most definitely not trolling or sandbagging. I hadnt used the pad since Evo and it wasnt working well for me. Rickstah was using my TE stick, so I decided to just try the pad again when I played him. After that I just kept using it for grand finals to keep the momentum I had going. Thanks for the compliments though!

  2. CentaurOfGravity

    His consistency in dominating lies within Law. Youre not gonna hold a candle against someone who mastered Law with some trash like AK.
    I dont wanna take anything away from you though, easily the best and most entertaining Law that I know. But seriously, getting so much punishiable stuff blocked and fucking up one out of three combos (made up numba), yet still win with such ease is not just Aris not being experienced with AK.
    I really would like to see a big tournament without Law and Bob…jk…or not?

    1. AAK


      “Youre not gonna hold a candle against someone who mastered Law with some trash like AK.”

      AK’s not gonna hold a candle against someone who mastered Law? Let’s look at Korea’s best Law player:


    2. justsayan

      That only applies to America though.

  3. Reality

    Jesus christ Aris got Salty hahaha.