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Soul Calibur 5 Arcade Stick By Mad Catz Announced – Launching January 2012

Mad Catz announced today that they will be releasing a Soul Calibur 5 Arcade Stick in January 2012. It looks like Mad Catz is putting some interesting new features into the stick as well that will separate it from the standard TE sticks.

Here are some of the highlights from MarkMan over at the SRK Tech Talk thread:

  • Tago-san, the producer for SOULCALIBUR V told us at E3 2011 that he wanted a stick similar to the SSFIV Chun-Li Tournament Edition FightStick. We agreed to make something similar; but to make changes/improvements that cater to the fighting game fan and of course the SOULCALIBUR fan
  • That being said, the SOUL Edition has a translucent body all around with the artwork of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur swords tying into the case design
  • The FightStick has a new button layout and has a button mapping that is unique to SOULCALIBUR. The new button layout and stick placement is following the NAMCO NOIR arcade panel layout; this layout is most reminiscent of the classic SEGA Astro City layout
  • The bezel on the SOUL Edition FightStick is what we call the “EDGE” bezel; which helps give it more of a SOULCALIBUR look & feel
  • The SOUL Edition uses 6 stainless steel screws; we’ve listened to your feedback and have noted that rusty screws are not appealing






One response to “Soul Calibur 5 Arcade Stick By Mad Catz Announced – Launching January 2012”

  1. KenG

    Bout time MadCatz changed something! But god I hate XBOX colored buttons