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Electric Wind God Fridays – Tekken 6 Stream – 10/28/2011

Aris is back at Super Arcade streaming Tekken 6. Be sure to follow ATP on twitchtv. In this archive, I also make our announcement that Level Up Your Game is officially partnered with Machinima. More videos after the jump:





3 responses to “Electric Wind God Fridays – Tekken 6 Stream – 10/28/2011”

  1. aleem

    somehow these stream dont show again , is any one else having problem to watch them? I font know if my location is causing a problem? But it just dont show anymore 🙁

    1. moogle

      no problems here

  2. Damajer

    @aleem: if your using firefox and the stream doesnt load,
    google for a firefox addon called “better JTV”.
    The stream didnt work for me and the addon solved the problem.