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Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 1

What happens when you take one of the most die-hard offline/arcade players, put them up against the 2011 USA WCG Online champion, throw in Steve Scott – and leave everything uncut and uncensored.. FIND OUT BELOW! For those of you who don’t know – WCG USA 2011 was a total fail – the entire tournament was online and there was no offline finals. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen in a long set (first to 10) between an online veteran and an offline veteran. The results may surprise you..


13 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 1”

  1. LOL. Very nice matches and epic commentating. If your ever on xbl hit me up for casuals. xbl tag expect a punish

  2. aris’ lost love child

    nice. fucking online. fucking wcg. fuck.

  3. Yukio

    is that tietyt chilling in the back?

    1. Rip

      Yup. That most definitely is tietyt

  4. PeaceGun

    Good shit BlazinPeanut, even though it is online glad to see FL doing well.

  5. CentaurofGravity

    Best episode so far. It basically doesnt matter what it is, if u put Tastysteve on it its gna be gold.


    Too funny, very entertaining!

  7. AAK

    One thing that’s so subtle and under appreciated is actually the editing of this episode. The camera angles were pretty much spot on for every moment for optimal hilarity. I salute you Rip!

  8. asdlkj

    ive played that lei before. he is laggy garbage. im surprised aris was able to manage winning at all since hes not used to playing like that, and that dude is devoted to playing in lag. gj aris. peanut sucks

  9. Gab

    Why does Aris keep on doin’ 3+4, 2? It only leaves him in a bad position. Is there any explanation whatsoever why he does that? I know that it a natural combo but still…

  10. LevelUpYourGame

    Should probably mention that this is severely uncensored. Share it with your friends!

  11. Sanjay Kiran Moturu

    sure rip …….

  12. Oni Oyabun

    Crazy Stuff man..!! XD
    Part 2 for soon..??