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Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – 2011 USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 3

The finale of the set! Whose going to take it?! If you haven’t been keeping up (check part 1 and part 2) Aris and BlazinPeanut, the 2011 USA WCG Champ, have been battling back and forth online in Tekken 6 in this epic first to 10. Digitaldevil4gk is there as well! Check it out:


8 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Tekken 6 – 2011 USA WCG Champ vs Aris – Part 3”

  1. AAK

    That was pretty entertaining! Nice touch on giving Mcbean’s backstory after he got beaten and trash talked on LOL.

  2. Rayzor

    this was exciting..especially when Tasty Steve won

  3. Islaw

    Wat was the censor for?

  4. CentaurofGravity

    Im still puzzled as to why you guys drop comboes online. Its not like the timing or notations randomly change just cuz ur online.
    “How do they do it?”. Those bad randoms youre playing online just press the buttons and the combo comes out, why cant you do it? 😛

    1. Cyrox

      lol …

  5. Ram

    Hey guys, those matchups were nice!
    I’m just wondering why u guys are hating on the online mode.
    For some of us who are fans of Tekken, it’s the only means to compete
    With each other. I live in lehigh valley, PA and there aren’t any arcades
    anywhere near the area. I would much rather play in an arcade if I could.

  6. nickA

    xbl is much smoother

  7. JingleMyBalls

    wow, what’s wrong with the fat kid being such a douchebag ?!

    “you suck go to an arcade” !?