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Bogus Journeys – Final Final Episodes

Hey guys, its been fun, but I think Tekken 6 has run its course. The FGC has a couple of big titles coming up, so this will be the last of our Bogus Journeys for Tekken 6. Get ready for some crazyness as Aris and digitaldevil4gk join us in these final two episodes with an ending you have to see to believe.






13 responses to “Bogus Journeys – Final Final Episodes”

  1. Jimmy

    Best episodes yet.

  2. KenG

    looool !!!

  3. unseen wombat

    Definitely the best episodes in the whole series. I hope you do some SC5 when it comes out.

  4. Rayzor

    what a nasty ending…lol u could even hear that shit

  5. King Phoenix

    Holy fuck. Best episodes ever. I was clutching my chair in the second vid as Aris was getting his ass beat and then I was laughing fuckin all the way to the finish at the trollwnage

  6. rethipz

    nice one Aries!!! Yeahh!! Dragunov!

  7. Cris4thewin

    hahahaha super funny…. troll mode activated! 😀

    so, will you do another level up your game? (about lee would be nice)

    1. Rip

      Unlikely. Maybe when Tekken Tag 2 comes out. But we’ll see what happens

      1. Salv000

        Yes, i’m glad I spotted this comment. It would be great if you could do a episode of Lee. I have been playing him for a long time now, but I still don’t feel like I got him down just yet. I would really love to see this episode. All the others have been very helpful.

  8. Semi_Auto

    Funny stuff….

  9. chemicalRed

    This was awesome.

  10. Leem Leem Version V

    Dam. What game will I play now?

  11. Loukas Liaskos

    Possibly the best episodes 😛