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PS Vita Street Fighter x Tekken – 12 Additional Characters

Capcom announced that the PS Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken will have 12 extra characters (in addition to the Vita exclusive Cole, Kuro, Toro, Pacman, and Megaman)! Six from the Street Fighter side and six from the Tekken side. For the Street Fighter side there is Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Sakura and Blanka. For the Tekken side we have Alisa Bosconovitch, Bryan Fury, Christie Monteiro, Jack, Lars Alexandersson and Lei Wulong! The announcement also mentions that the game will have lots of DLC available so expect these characters to show up as DLC in the future. Can’t wait to see how they put Lei in the game and super psyched to see Bryan make the cut. The PS Vita version of the game is scheduled for release this fall. Also, they mention that there will be $500,000 for a series of tournaments to mark Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary!


16 responses to “PS Vita Street Fighter x Tekken – 12 Additional Characters”

  1. But still no Fei Long…I guess they think people would be confused to see him on the same screen as Law? []

    1. Rip

      Nah, Fei just heard Law was in the game and decided it was best not to show up

  2. Nocturnal Ocelot

    so those characters will be made dlc for consoles in the future, I am getting that right? because handhelds don’t interest me at all and I’d rather not have to get one just to get the fuller version of the game.

  3. KenG

    So this is how they get Super Street FighterxTekken?

  4. Overkill

    Provided this does come to the console version I’m ok with it as DLC. Moreso because I was peeved that Bryan Fury wasn’t in the original roster than anything. He’s been my main in Tekken since T3 and I’m pumped to see how he turns out in Street Fighter x Tekken. Mach punch is the move that made me play him way back then so it will be cool to see if they can keep the powerful feel of that move in this game.

  5. chemicalRed

    Leaked list I linked you was on point.. Just sayin..

  6. Danny Nguyen

    Oh boy, this will be released anyways for Ps3 through DLC.

  7. Antonio

    I really can’t wait to play lars. Ever since the game was first hinted at, i wanted to play a team of juri and lars..i appreciate capcom for having them both in the game.

  8. robgam3r

    i just hope that the dlc dosent smash my bank account i mean sf4 65 + ssf 43 + ssfae 15 = 123 i mean it up to me to buy but man o man

  9. secretcraznman

    Hrmm DLCs? Hopefully it is not too pricey. =p

  10. Anthony Phu

    I’m glad Guy and Cody are eventually going to be in. Been waiting for them since that trailer. Lei is a nice surprise too

  11. chaumaster

    Really, Elena is getting partnered with Dudley?! I really wanted Elena and Urien to be partnered. Both are half-naked and tall as hell. Well, I still got hopes for Urien DLC in by the fall. His partner now should be… Necro. He’d be sick in SFxT. Damn, Alex would be awesome too.

  12. Christian Weber

    glad to see guy in it 🙂

  13. L_Crom

    I hope the release these characters as DLC

  14. Andrew

    Jack alternate costumes will no doubt be crazy. I wish he and Mecha Zangief could have squared off.

  15. Jason Greeson

    Can’t wait till they charge us all to get them on PS3