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Street Fighter X Tekken: Prologues For PS Vita Extended Cast

SoulReaperTTG has gotten a hold of the prologue videos for the extended cast of DLC Characters for the PS Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken.  The videos contain the prologues for Blanka, Sakura, Dudley, Elena, Cody, Guy, Bryan, Jack, Lars, Alisa, Lei, and Christie.  Although these clips have no narrative or any voices at all, I do have the feeling that will change on release.











23 responses to “Street Fighter X Tekken: Prologues For PS Vita Extended Cast”

  1. Richard Ham

    YESSSSSSSSS Bryan Fury ! ! !

  2. Miggz

    Glad to see these characters making it into the game. Just wish we knew when for consoles or for how much.

  3. Battle Joe

    Naaaiiice Bryan and Jack! Still want Karin on the SF side despite everything.

    Dat Fightstick k thx gg

  4. Ted=Ren

    Just a 3 more days!

    1. Rip

      Well, 3 more days for retail, but these characters featured here won’t be available until ~Q3 2012 when the Vita version comes out.

  5. TheOyabun

    The mad man of Tekken hits SF..!!
    BEWARE SF..!! XD

  6. chemicalRed

    Bryan and Jack.. I approve.
    Can you guys please do an assessment of these characters on the level up series.

  7. Will

    Dudley!! Wish he was coming out with the console release.

  8. Ivegotcandy

    I’ll see to it that these prologues will be narrated by James Earl Jones when I win the SF x Tkn stick.

  9. karl

    Yes on Jack joining the group! There should be a DLC to the console versions in the next couple of months right?

  10. whitefire

    these will also be for console aswell via dlc but i am happy with whats coming!

  11. Anthony Phu

    Awesome man. Too bad there’s no narrative.

  12. Battro

    Pretty hard to even make a guess at the context of the Dudley/Elena intro.

    Really looking forward to seeing how Bryan plays in this game, too.

  13. Andrew

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before we saw Jack, Bryan and Lars. Super stoked for Dudley and Elena though. Dudley will be sick in this game.

  14. Yao Zhao

    lol robotic craziness

  15. Ricardo

    Bryan and Jack video…are those the same tanks from UMVC3 Tricell Laboratory?