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Street Fighter X Tekken: Vita DLC Character Team Endings

Just when we found the prologues for the PS Vita DLC characters of Street Fighter x Tekken earlier today, here we are now with some endings!  For those of you who want to go through story mode, this post contains massive spoilers (even without audio)!










More videos can be found in THIS guy’s YouTube Channel

For Non-DLC Character endings, video clips can be found in Community Game YouTube Channel






38 responses to “Street Fighter X Tekken: Vita DLC Character Team Endings”

  1. Joe Courage

    I don’t even…

  2. aleem

    some of these endings are shitty as hell

  3. Bobby Jackson

    Those were some interesting endings. I just wish the characters came with the console versions of the game

  4. Chris A.

    interesting endings

  5. ReaperRetribution

    DAN!?!?!? O_O

  6. Christian Weber

    i couldn’t help myself 🙁

  7. Brandon D

    cant wait for this game

  8. Richard Ham

    the pacman and megaman ending……not so hype lol

  9. DrapersCapers

    MK9 gets a lot of hate sometimes, but it’s hard to deny that it has a good story mode. I wish Capcom and Namco would take some cues and try something a bit different.

  10. Drew

    These look pretty awesome. I hope they make sense with actual dialogue though.

  11. Razzie

    Hmm…well >_>
    Looking forward to Lars and Alisa

  12. bL1k

    gg. At least the gameplay’s worth it

  13. Nicksteeezy

    Ill wait for the game to see them tyvm.

  14. Brian Contreras

    Can anyone else hear what they are saying? Or is that how its suppose to be, because I can hear the background music but not any dialogue.

  15. Andrewwwwww

    some of these pairing just dont make any sense to me