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Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results

Check out the Tekken 6 top 8 from Final Round XV. Japan’s Ao was in attendance along with USA’s FightingGM, Anakin, The Exalted, and more. Matches start around the 14 minute mark and results after the jump

1. FR|Hoa aka Anakin (Jack)
2. FRB|Ao (Alisa, Miguel)
3. FightingGM (Lee)
4. FR|Clint (Kuma)
5. The Exalted (Lei)
5. Pokchop (Bruce)
7. AceUnlimited (Asuka)
7. OFDP (Jack)





46 responses to “Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results”

  1. Bobby Jackson

    What a great game

  2. Rex

    These matches (as well as all the other top 8’s in other games at Final Round) were so hype!

  3. Huehoua

    cool beans

  4. Secret

    No Bob? I’m surprised. The last Tekken tournament I watched had Bob vs Bob in the finals… and there were 5 or 6 Bobs in the entire Top 8.

  5. EDGE

    tekken 4 ever. untill tag team cums.

  6. mike

    I wanted to see some Bob action.

  7. Beerneo

    I am surprised to see no law in the top 8. Though I havent been keeping up with the scene I thought he was in the top 3?

  8. Razzie

    Love seeing Alisa and Miguel

  9. HammerIX

    so watching the tekken 6 matches from final round reeeeally make me want bruce in SFxT. my bruce X sagat team would be brutal

  10. Carina Segura

    flippin awesome 😀

  11. AumaanRa

    Dat Jack

  12. Medearis

    Watching the skill of these players it’s VERY clear that they’ve been watching LEVEL UP YOUR GAME. Helping scrubs level up since 1846!

  13. Seppo

    I wonder if I’m going to win that stick

  14. Anthony Phu

    Im surprised there wernt any Bobs in top 8

  15. Ricardo

    I saw this and i was certain that Jack, FR|Hoa, was going to lose to Alisa. good stuff Anakin.