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Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results

Check out the Tekken 6 top 8 from Final Round XV. Japan’s Ao was in attendance along with USA’s FightingGM, Anakin, The Exalted, and more. Matches start around the 14 minute mark and results after the jump

1. FR|Hoa aka Anakin (Jack)
2. FRB|Ao (Alisa, Miguel)
3. FightingGM (Lee)
4. FR|Clint (Kuma)
5. The Exalted (Lei)
5. Pokchop (Bruce)
7. AceUnlimited (Asuka)
7. OFDP (Jack)





46 responses to “Final Round XV – Tekken 6 Top 8 Matches and Results”

  1. Bobby Jackson

    Such good play

  2. Yao Zhao

    PROfessional skills lol

  3. Brandon D

    Ao should have taken home the W

  4. Richard Ham

    No Bryan? i guess jack is a good replacement lol

  5. Miggz

    Nice set of characters in the Top 8.

  6. Jago

    Props to top 8 not using the normal top titer cha
    racters, and final round!

  7. L_Crom

    Jack hype

  8. Ted=Ren

    Dear god that was awesome, makes me feel like a fail asian…

  9. Brian Contreras

    It must suck to have Lee lose to a dirty low. Shit always gets me too.

  10. Juice

    grand finals were totally hype in person. surprised i managed to pull myself away from tag 2 long enough to play

  11. Johnny W.

    Double nice!

  12. Ivegotcandy

    No comments were made about Kuma making top 4…

    Bet I could get Roger Jr. to that level with the SF x Tkn stick!

  13. Kuma making top 4 is pretty impressive!