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Soul Calibur 5 Patch Changelog Available!

A couple days ago it was announced that Soul Calibur 5 would be receiving a massive balance patch with ~240 updates. The patch goes live on March 21st, but you can read all the patch changes here. Some really interesting system changes here as they patched out the attack guard option that was used to make 8-way run and side step safer. Back dash is also more unsafe now. Aris’ fuzzy jump has also been patched out. Balance wise it looks like Natsu, Maxi, Xiba, and Tira got hit with the nerf stick. Lots of small nerfs across the board as well. Ivy and Viola look like they got some good buffs as well.

Also, there is going to be a patch for more customization options coming down on April 3rd. 4gamer has a bunch of screenshots up of a lot of the new customizations.
source: SDTekken & Kane





4 responses to “Soul Calibur 5 Patch Changelog Available!”

  1. zeroTWOeight

    maybe it’s because i haven’t given this game enough love, but i just want them to make it so the ex-moves/supers are awful on wiff/block. i should get a free combo every time people decide to do it randomly. but that’s me.

    1. Rip

      Meter usage in this game is pretty interesting. Though it may be character dependant, most of the time meter is expensive. So if you block someone’s EX move you pretty much Have gained something by their loss of meter. Less opportunity for them to EX in a combo/super/guard impact etc. I think a lot of super’s are in fact punishable, but I agree that I’d like to see them REALLY punishable, like -100

  2. aleemx316

    they add tekken player skins lol

  3. LevelUpYourGame

    Tons of changes – share