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MLG Considering Tekken Tag Tournament 2 For MLG Fall Championship

If you haven’t been keeping up with MLG, they have been running events for Soul Calibur V, Mortal Kombat 9, and KOF XIII. Earlier today MrMLGAdam tweeted the following:
“Tekken tag drops in September? Fall championship? Tell @Filthierich to make it happen ;)”

I’ll take that as a not-so-subtle hint that there is a good chance Tekken will be making a RETURN to MLG. Incase you don’t remember how awesome it was last time, take a look at this:





9 responses to “MLG Considering Tekken Tag Tournament 2 For MLG Fall Championship”

  1. real_law

    @FightingGM time to get the band back together? , please give this old man a reason to return…

    1. FightingGM

      @real_law the band died a long time ago. everyone went there seperate ways. this game is gonna be the most divided you see nyc period

      1. real_law

        @FightingGM oh papa law can bring it all together my friend..united we stand, divided we will fall…new game, new commitments…

      2. FightingGM

        @real_law dudes are so sensitive they play 2d games

      3. real_law

        @FightingGM just roll with papa and I’ll take care of the rest my boy.

      4. FightingGM

        @real_law whatever you say LOL

  2. DMG_KOR

    @Jason24cf Such a disappointing loss to him always :[

  3. DoctrineDark55

    LOL this is a classic. I hope they bring Tag 2 to MLG.

  4. SoAyame

    I love how hype ATL is!