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E3 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 – Top Player Match Vids – Batch 1 of 2

Hey guys, here’s the first batch of gameplay vids I took of Tekken Tag 2 at E3 yesterday. Taken from the setups on the main stage in HD it may include the following players: Rip, MYK, Kane, Tomahawk, Tasty Steve, WeaponX, Unconkable and more. Second batch is processing, but I’ll get it up tonight. More after the jump and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel





4 responses to “E3 2012 – Tekken Tag 2 – Top Player Match Vids – Batch 1 of 2”

  1. Ancient

    Where is Ancient Ogre?! I want Ogreeee D: ! 
    Anyway , thanks for the Vids!

    1.  @Ancient The only DLC characters they had available to play were Angel and Kunimitsu. I assume the rest will be rolled out at other events leading up to release (Evo, Comic-Con etc)

  2. Damajer

    that combo was amazing… cant wait to get my hands on this game
    oh yeah the twin piston spamming was getting borring after 1minute, even if I never saw this much angel footage before

  3. ketlord

    hmmm it was good to see rip back 🙂 in action
    this twin piston is in minus frames??? strange??
    it can be parried??? the second piston???
    angle looks lil heavy to move…. as green ogre look