08th Feb2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Unknown

by Rip

Saw some youtube comments that said people wanted to see another Morning Bread & Butter tutorial? This time around we cover one of the final DLC characters for TTT2, Unknown. Of course, you can always catch the tutorials live at our twitch channel before they hit youtube. Be sure to follow us at both the twitch channel and the Youtube channel to catch the newest stuff the fastest.

05th Feb2013

$5000 Tekken Tag 2 Bonus for Final Round

by Rip

Over at the official Final Round website they’ve announced that Namco Bandai has donated $5000 to the pot for Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Final Round is home to one of the largest Tekken tournaments of the year. Here’s what they had to say:

“I would like to thank BANDAI NAMCO GAMES for their continued support of the Tekken scene by donating $5,000 bonus to the TTT2 tournament at FINAL ROUND 16. Remember that the winner of the TTT2 tournament at FINAL ROUND 16 wins a flight/badge/tournament entry to ECTV as a part of the East coast Tekken circuit! The winner will also qualify for ‘THE FALL CLASSIC”! More details coming soon about this exciting new tournament series! You don’t want to miss out on this great event”

The past two years I’ve missed out on it thinking flights would get cheaper, then watching as flight prices just rose higher and higher. I’m definitely going this year though, along with a couple others from Socal! Looking forward to it! Final Round takes place March 29-31 (TTT2 on the 30th/31st) in Atlanta, Georgia.

02nd Feb2013

SCR 2013 – Tekken Tag 2 – Pools – Day 2 ft. Kane, FilthieRich, Inkog, JFJ, Aris and more

by Rip

Socal Regionals 2013 is in the books, but Tekken Tag 2 didn’t get any stream time for the pools so I captured most of it by camcorder. If you didn’t catch Day 1 Pools action, check out this post. Here is the playlist for ALL of the matches containing both Day 1 and Day 2. Players include Kane, Mr. Naps, Inkognito, FilthieRich, JustFrameJames, Aris, K30, Alexman, Jackie_tran and MORE! There are also a couple of Top 16 matches included in the FULL PLAYLIST. Check out some samples below:

25th Jan2013

Ultimate Tournament – Day 1 – MM Results

by Rip

Bronson vs GreenLei – Beer Match – 5-0 Bronson
Bronson vs JDCR – FT3 – 3-2 Bronson
Rip vs NeoNinja – FT5 – 5-1 Rip
Fab vs VZ (El Negro) – FT5 – 5-0 El Negro
Fab vs VZ (Jackson) – FT5 – 5-3 Fab
Fab vs VZ (Jun/Asuka) – FT5 – 5-4 VZ
The stream for the tournament will be live tomorrow. Tournament starts at 2pm France time (5am PST/8am EST) at twitch.tv/tekkenarenafr

22nd Jan2013

SCR 2013 – Tekken Tag 2 – Pools – Day 1

by Rip

Socal Regionals 2013 is in the books, but Tekken Tag 2 didn’t get any stream time for the pools so I captured most of it by camcorder. Here is the playlist for ALL of the matches I got from Day 1. I’ll be flying out to Paris tomorrow for Ultimate Tournament this coming weekend, but I’ll try to get Day 2 of pools up as soon as possible. You can find all of the matches here. Players include myself, FAB, MYK, RunItBlack, TRUE!, Juggernaut, EBM, Suiken, and more! The winners final of each of the 4 pools for day 1 are included below so check them out:


14th Jan2013

JDCR Interview with Qudans

by Rip

JDCR’s series of interviews with top Korean players continues as he interviews one of the best koreans during Tekken 5.0 and Tekken 5 DR – Qudans. Qudans talks about the multi-year break he took from Tekken, what he’s doing now besides playing Tekken, and also shares his views on competing in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Great read and interview by JDCR. Qudans spent a lot of time in Southern California during Tekken 5 and Tekken 5 DR, so I got to play with him on many occasions. He was actually the first Tekken player from Korea that I ever faced. I hope he makes it out to Evolution this year as he never got to have a good showing there. Check out the full interview here.

JD: I might have heard of you playing on a pad. What did you feel from all your overseas experience.
Q: I went Japan and USA all 6times. I will first talk about game style. In the US, average players only play with simple style like mid and low. They seemed to play 2D games more. Only top players know how to move well. Japan player did as well, but Japan players, they are patient and know how to make a strategy. It was a long ago, I have no idea about these days. About tournament, American tournaments consisted of players from all over the world. Literally, it seemed to be a real world tournament. Japan tournaments were also kind of world tournament, but it was more like Japan vs Korea. however, 60 Japanese Players, Korea…one player(laugh). and both countries were very friendly to me. Korean players sometimes are all alone at foreign tournaments, But many players are interested in us and say hello to us first. I really appreciate it and feel sorry because I didn’t give them anything!

JD: Among Korean players, who have potential – Oni Oyabun [Mauritius]
Q: In my tekken life over 10years, I have been seeing Ji3moonace play for 8 years. Whenever I see him, I think he has a lot of potential. He has been making me think that for 8 years(laugh).

08th Jan2013

Evolution 2013 Game Lineup Announced!

by Rip

MrWizard just announced the Evolution 2013 lineup on WakeupSRK. He said that running six games made Evo2012 run too late last year, so… with that being said, this year there will be 8 games! Thats ridiculous and I love it lol. To try to space it out, they’re moving some of the finals to Saturday so for Sunday Finals there will only be five games. The list of games for Evolution 2013 is as follows:

- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012
- Tekken Tag Tournament 2
- Mortal Kombat 9
- Street Fighter x Tekken v2013 – 1 vs 1 (Wiz has new info on Gems, so no announcement about new rules for it)
- King of Fighters XIII
- Persona 4:Arena

More info on Players Choice and the event itself after the jump: