27th Mar2013

SBO / Tougeki – Closed!

by Rip

Over at the official Tougeki site, they have put up an announcement that Tougeki has had a rough 2010′s and that they will be suspending operations. Their message does say that they plan to re-organize it to create a new “Tougeki” scene, so hopefully they will be back stronger than before. As a competitor, traveling to Japan to compete in Tougeki were some of my favorite trips. It was always an international tournament with qualifiers from around the world sending players/teams to compete in this one tournament. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild and come back stronger. Click here for their full message

20th Mar2013

Knee, JDCR Confirmed for Final Round!

by Rip

ShinBlanka has posted up on Facebook to let everyone know that Knee will be joining JDCR at Final Round next week! With Ao also rumored to be in attendance it looks like Namco Bandai’s $5000 pot bonus is bringing out the big guns! Top Tekken players from around the country will also be in attendance, including: Anakin, KOR, AGE Fab, FightingGM, Rickstah and many more! Final Round is March 28-30 and you can get more information about the event directly from their website

18th Mar2013

Nina Williams TTT2 Combo Video from Ortega

by Rip

Pretty cool Nina Williams TTT2 combo vid. Uses a lot of known combo exploits towards the end of the video (sandwich combos/tag crash wall break etc).

10th Mar2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Lee / Violet

by Rip

In this episode of Morning Bread & Butter we cover both Lee Chaolan and Violet. Probably one of the strongest clone teams in the game, there are some differences between the two that we highlight in the video. If you’re looking to practice Violet’s Acid Rain, this still applies. As always, you can catch these tutorials LIVE by following our twitch channel or following us on twitter.

06th Mar2013

FightingGM’s Thoughts on Tekken Tag 2 and the Current Scene

by Rip

FightingGM, one of America’s top unsponsored Tekken players shares his thoughts on Tekken Tag 2 and the current state of the scene in his eyes. A very interesting look at his perspective and I agree with a lot of what he has to say:

21st Feb2013

TTT2 – Online Casuals – Rip v Aris

by Rip

Just a random online casual session between Aris and myself. Nothing serious, just fun games + his laggy internet. Let me know if you’d like to see more casuals uploaded and be sure to follow the twitch.tv channel to catch the gameplay live.

09th Feb2013

MASTERCUP – 5v5 TTT2 Tournament – Live From Japan

by Rip

125 5 man teams doing battle in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, live from Japan. Korea has a 5 man team captained by HelpMe as well. Check it out HERE and see the full player list after the jump: