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2012 Tournament Season – All about Soul Calibur 5 for 3D Fighters?

Yesterday on Wakeup SRK, MrWizard announced the games list for Evolution 2012. The games are Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII, Mortal Kombat 9, Soul Calibur 5, and Street Fighter x Tekken. This of course means that Tekken 6 has been dropped.

It sucks, but its not very surprising considering Tekken’s relatively low turnout last year, the age of the game, and the spectator response everytime Tekken comes on a stream. Seems like the general Tekken franchise might need to be revamped. Around the 28 minute mark MrWizard explains why Tekken 6 was not chosen – and I disagree with most of his points, but at least he’s looking forward to Tekken Tag 2 being at Evo in 2013. The MOST interesting note from that podcast though was MrWizard mentioning that Street Fighter x Tekken may NOT be a 1v1 event! For this year though Tekken will still be represented by Street Fighter x Tekken and Namco will still have its 3D fighter presence with Soul Calibur 5.

Speaking of which, WinterBrawl will host a Soul Calibur 5 tournament that will be a qualifier tournament for ATL Final Round this year. Top 16 players at WinterBrawl will be seeded at ATL Final Round and have their event badge and tournament entry fees paid for. The first place finisher will receive roundtrip airfare to Final Round as well. Arcade cabinets of the latest version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will also be available at both events for everyone to play on.

For these upcoming Soul Calibur 5 tournaments Namco has provided a $1000 prize bonus for Winter Brawl and a $5000 prize bonus for Final Round! Time to start practicing!


7 responses to “2012 Tournament Season – All about Soul Calibur 5 for 3D Fighters?”

  1. Forest

    No Tekken? Meh, who gives a shit about EVO.

  2. Art

    I think he has a point. It’s all about Tekken Tag 2 now, all the pro players are focusing on that. The game has aged and looks like it’s time for that gap, again. Aside from the direct sequel, you have Soul Calibur 5 and SF x Tekken, both of which have Tekken players going to them for the time being.
    I dunno WTF he is talking about the game being unbalanced just because 5 Bobs happened to place last year. Regardless, when you include MvC in your game lineup, balance is not something you are worrying about. That game is broken and kind of a joke, but that’s another story.

  3. Joe Peterson

    Playing the wrong gameeee

  4. Eddie Fleming

    Oh no Tekken was dropped?

  5. Martin Ryan Cruz

    Why did they decide to Drop out Tekken 6?

  6. Paul Wittig

    how dare they are dropping the best game out of the tourney. i think its waste to add SFxT to the cart if SFIV or UMvsC3 are still in they are different but almost the same. Now SC5 will be the only 3D Beat’m’UP against 4 2D games. this really sucks and made EvO quite boring cuz there is no alternation anymore (even for the viewers!!!!) this is sad 🙁

  7. LevelUpYourGame

    They have a lot of reasons for dropping Tekken 6 but whats done is done and they already are running 6 games instead of 5. The oldest game on the roster now is Mortal Kombat 9 – so when you think of it in those terms, Tekken 6 is super old. Street Fighter x Tekken though will hopefully be fun for Tekken players even if it isnt the same type of game