23rd Jul2015

Tekken 7 – Throws Get Counterhit

by Rip

One of the new changes in Tekken 7 is that throws can now be counterhit. I’m not really a fan of the change since throws have already been weakened in Tekken 7 (generic 1 or 2 throws can be broken with either punch button). Note that this seems to only counterhit on the impact frame of the throw and not during its startup. Kane and I tested it and put together this short video demonstrating it. Let me know what you guys think about this in the comments below

13th Jul2015

Comic Con 2015 – Tekken 7 Concept Art and Rise of Incarnates

by Rip

I spent this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, mainly focusing on playing Tekken 7 in the SDTekken room. Usually Namco has a panel to talk a little bit about Tekken and other projects they have going on. This year the focus was on the concept art for Tekken 7 and Rise of Incarnates. They mainly went over the concept art for the new characters in Tekken 7 – Kazumi, Gigas, Shaheen, Lucky Chloe, Claudio, and Josie Rizal. They don’t usually show so much of the concept art but I appreciate the effort and hope they put it in the game as extra content when it finally comes to console.

06th Jul2015

King of Iron Fist 2015 Tournament! $80,000 Prize! + Balance Changes!

by Rip

Namco promised a big update for July 7th and they did not disappoint! There will be an arcade world tournament for Tekken 7 and Top 2 of Evo will be qualified for it! More details to come in the future. Additionally, they announced that there will be a location test across USA at some Dave & Busters and Round 1 locations. EVEN MORE SO, the game was recently updated for balance. Check them all out after the jump


01st Jul2015

Tekken 7 at Evo Gets $30K Pot Bonus! Free Tshirt for Participants

by Rip

Just announced via the evo2k twitter account, Tekken 7 will be receiving a $30,000 pot bonus! Additionally, there is a free Tekken t-shirt for all participants! Since there are already 7 announced Japanese players coming to Evo (who have no doubt been playing the game the past 3.5 months) its safe to say they are the favorites looking for that pot bonus. It should make for a high level top 8 performance though! The Japanese players expected to be in attendance at Evo are Kuro Kuro, Zekusu, Pekosu, Nobi, Yuu, Matador. There are multiple announcements regarding the Tekken franchise coming up in the next few weeks. July 7th will be a major announcement, followed by a panel at Comic-Con and another panel at Evolution! Lots of Tekken incoming!

16th Jun2015

E3 2015 – Day 1 Recap – Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Xbox One Elite Controller

by Rip

Whats up guys, here’s my quick recap of everything I checked out today at E3 2015. I played a few games of Street Fighter V and learned its basic system mechanics. I also got a good long look at the Xbox One Elite Controller, which may actually be good for fighting games! I’ll try to put out another recap tomorrow, otherwise I should have another after the show is done!

28th May2015

Kazumi Revealed As a Playable Character for TEKKEN 7

by Rip

The trailer is now up for Kazumi for Tekken 7! Looks like she will in fact be playable! Check out the trailer below! TIGER UPPERCUT!

14th May2015

Jack 7 Revealed for Tekken 7!

by Rip

JACK 7 revealed for TEKKEN 7!!! LETS GO JACK!